What makes AJAN Management different from all other companies?

This is a very common question and we have a very simple answer: we understand life. We understand that too much to do everyday, with too little time. And that is why, we're giving you our time so you can spend yours on whatever it is you treasure. We do this by taking the initiative to modernize an outdated industry, using technology to ensure every property generates the maximum return by reaching its full potential, to make sure that regular maintenance takes place to minimize costs incurred, and to provide you with all the information to allow for a good night's sleep knowing that your investment is safe.​

What type of properties does AJAN Management manage?

We believe that mastery is achieved through constant focus and attention to honing one craft.  That is why we chose to manage only single to small multi-family units.

What are the office hours of AJAN Management?

We are open for business from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, with a 24/7 emergency hotline. 

How does AJAN Management handle emergencies?

Our mission is to foster happy, stress-free communities, which is why we prioritize availability and timely response.  We have a 24/7 hotline designated to handle emergencies. Additionally, our deep relationships with highly qualified vendors ensure that we are able to handle emergencies even on very short notice. 

How does AJAN management perform bookkeeping and other services, and report that information to property owners?

With our user-friendly property management software, you can check your property reports (as below) at your leisure:

  • Rent Roll Report

  • Profit and Loss Statement

  • Vacancy Report

  • Detailed Maintenance Report

  • Delinquency Report

  • General Ledger Report

  • Bank Reconciliation Report

How will AJAN Management handle rent payments?

We will deposit your distribution check directly into your bank account and send you the monthly statement for your record-keeping purposes.

How much does AJAN Management charge for its services?

We charge as 10% of monthly rent as our full-service property management fee, while lease renewals with an existing tenant brings a one-time fee priced at 20% of monthly rent. We promise there are no hidden fees or surprises, because your success is our success. Check our Fees & Pricing page for further details. 

Does AJAN Management charge extra for overseeing maintenance reports?

No! This is part of our promise to you to make your life easier, and therefore is included in our management fee. 


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