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Founder / Chief Executive Officer / Director of Property Management

Sam is no stranger to creating high performing teams and creating value.  He started his real estate career right after his undergraduate degree when he achieved a return of 73% for his investors in the first year alone.  During his MBA at HEC Paris, he created The Real Estate Club, which is the hub for high level real estate professionals from Tokyo to Dubai to San Francisco.


Sam is fluent in Farsi and French in addition to English. He has just obtained his MBA from the top ranked business school HEC Paris, after having received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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Director of Sales

Connor's passion for the real estate industry dates back to his childhood, having grown up working summers with his father’s construction company, building luxury residential homes in Greenwich, CT. Naturally, he decided to study Managerial Economics with a concentration in real estate analysis at UMass Amherst, and helped grow the Isenberg Real Estate Association as the group's Treasurer.

Since then, Connor has consistently been recognized as a top-ranking sales professional in both investor-backed technology companies and corporate environments, at the same time successfully growing his own property investment portfolio. 

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Executive Assistant

Yannis is currently an undergraduate at the University of Oxford pursuing a double degree in History and French. An ambitious student balancing work and school, Yannis demonstrates impressive management skills both in his professional and academic careers. He just completed a 6-month internship for the MBA Dean’s Office at HEC Paris, and currently serves as an executive member for the LGBTQ+ Committee at the University of Oxford. 

Showcasing a highly international background, having lived in the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and France, Yannis is fluent in (Swiss) German, English and French,

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Communications Intern

Adam is a rising Junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he is currently working towards obtaining his bachelor's degree in English. With close family members working in the real estate, Adam had been exposed to the industry since a young age, and has since then been determined to use this long-engrained passion and knowledge to drive impactful changes in this dynamic world. 

With his distinct informative yet personable writing style, Adam has proven himself on countless occasions as a capable writer able to create an emotional rapport through his words.


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